MXR M107 Phase 100


  • Input Impedance 500 kΩ
  • Output Impedance 3 kΩ
  • Maximum Intput Level +5 dB
  • Maximum Output Level +8 dB
  • Noise Floor* 95 dBV
  • Phase Shift Range 180 Degrees
  • Bypass Hardwire
  • Current Draw 6 mA
  • Power Supply 9 volts DC

MXR M107 Phase 100

Model # MXR M107

MSRP$171.42 $119.99

Product Description

The MXR Phase 100 offers the player that classic phaser tone heard on countless recordings.  With it’s 4-position rotary intensity switch and speed control, a plethora of swirling musical magic is at your disposal!

Manufacturer's Description

This big brother of the Phase 90 offers an even broader range of sounds. Along with the speed control there is a 4-position rotary switch that selects between four different intensities, defined as preset waveform patterns. Great for guitar, bass, keys, vocals, and more!

  • Similar to the Phase 90, produces a broader range of sounds
  • Four-position rotary switch selects four preset waveforms
  • Great for guitar, bass, keys & vocals

Brickhouse Staff Notes...

Our Take

Want that classic phaser sound but want a few more options, then look no further than the MXR Phase 100.

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