Kyser Short-Cut Capo


Kyser Short-Cut Capo

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Product Description

The Kyser Short-Cut is a rapid way to explore alternative tunings and develop creativity. A partial capo that will alter only  a few strings at a time the Short-Cut can be used with other capos to create new tunings and play in new keys without retuning a single instruments.

Many songs today are written with chord progressions like E, F#m, A, B or G, D, Em, C. The Kyser Short-Cut makes those simple progressions even EASIER to play. The Kyser Short-Cut takes your mind off the chord changes and allows you more freedom when playing your guitar. It also allows you to “hammer on” and create new rhythms.

The Short-Cut can easily create a DADGAD-like sound, without retuning. To do so, just place the Kyser Short-Cut on the 2nd fret from the top to cover the 5th, 4th, and 3rd strings.

To play in a different key, you can use a 2nd capo closer to the headstock than the Kyser Short-Cut. For example, place a capo covering all 6 strings on the 3rd fret and the Kyser Short-Cut on the 5th fret to play in the key of G.

The Kyser Short-Cut can be used on any fret, in standard or inverted position.

Brickhouse Staff Notes...

Kyser Short-Cut

It is just what it claims to be, a short cut. The Kyser Short-Cut capo makes alternative tunings more accessible and faster to obtain. A

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