Bach Standard Trombone Mouthpieces

Bach Standard Trombone Mouthpieces


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Bach mouthpieces come in many varieties to suit many different players and needs.Variable cup depth and diameter as well as a choice of rim design make it possible to meet any brass players needs with mouthpiece known for quality and consistency. Brickhouse Music stocks a variety of the most popular models requested by band directors and instrument instructors.

When selecting a mouthpiece, a brass instrumentalist should choose one with a solid, compact tone of large volume. A carefully selected Bach mouthpiece can help improve a player’s embouchure, attack, tonguing and endurance.

Because no two players have the same lip or tooth formation, what is perfect for one may be entirely unsuitable for the other. Bach produces many different models so that each player can find the best mouthpiece for their individual embouchure.

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Cup Size

5G Lrg Shank, 5G Sm Shank, 6HAL Lrg Shank, 6HA 6 1/2AL Sm Shank, 12 Sm Shank, 12C Sm Shank

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The standard for quality in brass mouthpieces. Bach mouthpieces are consistently requested by band directors.

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