American Standard Telecaster

American Standard Telecaster


Product Description

The basis for all Fender Telecasters, the American Standard sets the bar high.  A functional design that crosses genres, producing the familiar tones of many of the worlds favorite and most skilled guitarists for more than 60 years.

The Flagship Telecaster
The U.S.-made flagship of the Telecaster lineup and the modern version of a revered American original. As simply elegant as ever, the American Standard Telecaster is an enduring design classic for the guitarist who appreciates and aspires to the beautifully bright, clear tone and style of the Fender guitar that started it all. From garages to nightclubs to stadiums worldwide, this is the real thing—a timeless Telecaster that rings more fully and brilliantly than ever.

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Bordeaux Metallic, Black, 2-color Sunburst, 3-Color Sunburst, Crimson Red Transparent, Natural

Brickhouse Staff Notes...

American Standard Tele

A standard for the world and for Fender, the American Standard Tele continues to be one of the most sought after guitars the world over. Listen for yourself and fall in love with "Tele twang" .

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