Acoustic Strings

Similar to changing the oil in a car, swapping the strings on a guitar is a form of maintenance that keeps the instrument playing and sounding its best. Acoustic strings come in a multitude of variations that differ in material composition and string gauge (AKA the strings girth). Common string compositions are Phosphor Bronze and 80/20 Bronze and the factory standard for gauge is typically known as Light (approximately .012-.054mm). Acoustic guitar strings feature a wound “G” string which is one of the primary differences from their electric counterparts. This wound “G” adds depth and richness to the sound of the strings which is preferred by many players.

Strings are a key component effecting the sound of your instrument so it is important to find a set that is just right, combining a comfortable and playable gauge with materials that sound right. Some experimentation may be necessary and is recommended. Breathe new life into your acoustic guitar with a new set of strings!

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