Lessons Brochure

Thank you for choosing the Brickhouse Music Lesson Academy for your lessons! We are excited to help you grow in your musical knowledge, and we hope your lessons are an enriching experience!

Payment Policy: Tuition must be paid at the time of your first lesson each month, at the rate of $88 per month – should the payment not be made the first lesson of the month that the student is present, there will be a $5 late fee assessed. We implement this payment policy with no exceptions. Tuition will be the same each month whether there are 4 or 5 lessons in that month, regardless of student absences, cancellations, or holidays – with the exception of the month of December. If the lesson payment is not made by the 3rd week of the month, the Credit Card On File will be automatically charged, including a $5 late fee. If the teacher should need to miss a lesson day for any reason, the student will receive a pro-rated credit toward the next month of lessons, or a make-up lesson.

Student Showcases: All students are encouraged to participate in our free Student Showcases, which are offered multiple times a year. The showcases offer an opportunity for the students to prepare a piece on their instrument and to perform it. This is an important step in the student’s musical journey, and enhances their individual learning experience – plus, it’s super fun!

Visitor Policy: The Brickhouse Academy asks that the student and the teacher be the only people in the room during the lesson. This is the ensure that the limited time each teacher gets to spend with each student is used most effectively. If a parent wishes, the last five minutes of each lesson may be allotted for a “check back” period to discuss progress, practice plans and lesson materials. We feel that this policy is most beneficial to both the teacher and the student.

At Home Practice Policy: At the end of each lesson the teacher will discuss what needs to be worked on for the next lesson with the student. It is expected that the student will practice for the next session. Once a day for 15 minutes to a half an hour is a good start. If the student does practice, you will see improvement. It is very apparent to an experience teacher when the student has not practiced. At the risk of sounding harsh, it is a waste of the teacher’s and the student’s time to cover the same material two weeks in a row. Basically, it pays to practice. Get the most out of your lessons!

Termination Policy: When the Student decides that he or she needs to discontinue lessons, we do require a 2 Week Notice. This keeps our teachers’ schedule full and liquid. If we are given notice before the month’s tuition is paid, the month will be prorated accordingly. The student must inform both the teacher and the Brickhouse Music Staff of the cancellation. If the student cancels without paying for the 2 Week Cancellation Policy, Brickhouse has permission to charge the Credit Card On File.

Make-up Policy: Make-up lessons for student cancellations will be offered if the student cancels at least one day prior to the missed lesson. There are no make-ups for the same day cancellations. (Exceptions will be up to the discretion of the teacher depending on each individual situation.) If a make-up lesson can be scheduled, it must be done within a 2 week time period of the miss, they will not accumulate beyond a month’s time. You may pre-schedule a make-up before canceling your lesson to guarantee a make-up. If the teacher needs to miss a lesson day for any reason the student will receive a prorated credit towards the next month’s lessons or a make-up lesson.

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