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01.ZT Amplifiers Lunchbox Acoustic
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RadianXL 18" Crash Cymbal

List: $162.00
Price: $162.00

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Fender 59 Bassman Lt

Fender 59 Bassman Ltd
Model# Fender 59 Bassman Lt

In early 1952, the Fender® Bassman® amplified a great new invention - the Fender Precision Bass® guitar. At 50 watts, it competed easily with the common instrumentation of the day: horns, piano, small drum kit, and maybe even an...

List: $1,949.99
Price: $1,949.99

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Fender SuperSonic 22

Fender Super-Sonic 22
Model# Fender SuperSonic 22

Super-Sonic™ amplifiers are the favorite tool of pro guitarists in many different musical genres who love to create glorious Fender® clean tones and expressive modern high-gain tones with one no-nonsense tube amp. The Super-Sonic 22...

List: $1,499.99
Price: $1,499.99

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Fender Twin Reverb

Fender Twin Reverb
Model# Fender Twin Reverb

This amp has seen action in every imaginable venue and remains indispensable to this day. Be it rock, jazz, country or anything else, this is what a clean electric guitar sounds like - or add an upside-down Stratocaster® guitar and a...

List: $1,999.99
Price: $1,999.99

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Fender Vibrolux Reve

Fender Vibrolux Reverb
Model# Fender Vibrolux Reve

The Custom Vibrolux® Reverb is more a modern interpretation of a classic Fender® rather than a reissue; connoisseurs call it a “little Vibro-King™.” Turn it up when you want to soar, or turn your guitar down to play...

List: $1,599.99
Price: $1,599.99

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Hughes & Kettner

Puretone Combo

Hughes & Kettner Puretone
Model# Puretone Combo

Single-channel, Class A tube amps reign supreme in the amp pantheon of guitarists who prefer to shape tone with their fingers and the guitar rather than tap-dancing on channel switches. No other circuitry conjures such an immediate connection...

Price: $1,949.99

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Koch Classictone
Model# CT-210

The Classictone is a conscious deviation from the rest of the Koch line, combining traditional tube tone with modern versatility via the 5 button foot switch. The power amp is equipped with a tube rectifier simulation circuit, and delivers 40...

Price: $1,749.99

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Marshall Class5 Combo
Model# C5-01

Five watts of EL84 power and a simple feature set of Volume, Bass, Middle and Treble are the Class5's secret weapons. In return for minimal amp circuitry you receive genuine Class A tone, widely regarded as the purest in amplifier design and...

List: $560.00
Price: $560.00

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Paul Reed Smith

Model H

Paul Reed Smith 2 CHANNEL "H" AMP Combo
Model# Model H

Handmade in Stevensville, Maryland, the PRS 2 Channel “H” amplifier has a modern, “in your face” tone and features proprietary “Heyboer” transformers. The 2 Channel “H” is setup with independent...

List: $1,649.99
Price: $1,649.99

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Paul Reed Smith


Paul Reed Smith SE20 Combo
Model# SE20

Powered by a pair of 6V6 tubes, the PRS SE 20 produces a wide variety of classic tones. The clean channel delivers an array of tones from crystalline clean to light overdrive crunch, and the lead channel provides warm distortion and plenty of...

List: $1,075.00
Price: $1,075.00

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Paul Reed Smith


Paul Reed Smith SE30 Combo
Model# SE30

The PRS SE 30 is a versatile amp with a great combination of modern and vintage tones. The clean channel can dial in pristine cleans to moderate crunch all with lots of chime and clarity. The lead channel offers the same level of clarity with...

List: $1,099.00
Price: $1,099.00

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Supro Sahara

Supro Sahara
Model# Supro Sahara

Sahara™ is a 100% analog, 100% tube amplifier. There are NO solid state (transistor) devices in ANY signal path. All signal paths are high voltage, high impedance tube signal without exception. We do not use a tube rectifier, as it...

Price: $1,199.99

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Swart AST Pro
Model# AST Pro

Designed in conjunction with guitarist Greg V, this is the no holds barred answer to the professional musician's need for an AST built for the road but without any loss in Swart style and élan. Introducing the AST PRO, which offers...

Price: $2,149.99

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Space Tone Atomic Jr

Swart Space Tone Atomic Jr
Model# Space Tone Atomic Jr

If only words could actually convey sound fully; they always fall short to some extent. And that's where I stand with the Space Tone Atomic Jr, the latest amazing, soulful little amp from the hands of Michael Swart. The new ST-Atomic Jr...

Price: $1,199.99

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ZT Lunchbox Acoustic

ZT Amplifiers Lunchbox Acoustic
Model# ZT Lunchbox Acoustic

The Lunchbox Acoustic is ZT’s first two-channel amp, a compact masterpiece with perfect features, flexibility and tone for the performing acoustic musician. A top quality, dedicated microphone channel and separate instrument channel each...

List: $529.99
Price: $529.99

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ZT Club

ZT Amplifiers The Club
Model# ZT Club

The Club is ZT Amplifiers’ premium, stage-ready musical instrument amplifier. It offers a no-compromise output level and frequency range while remaining true to the ZT design spirit of compact and lightweight gear for the real...

List: $739.99
Price: $739.99

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